October 17, 2014


brencor to brichemBrichem Sales Ltd., formerly called Brencor Sales & Marketing, was founded by Brian Hall in March of 1991, primarily to act as an independent sales agent for a company operating under the name of Brencor. The product line at that time consisted of both automotive and home renovation products such as sealants, adhesives and rust proofing for the automotive aftermarket.

Brichem gradually increased in size by offering various products and services primarily for the Ontario and Quebec marketplace, with some sales going to the United States. Within a few months of starting the business, an opportunity came along to distribute the Sunoco lubricant line of automotive and industrial lubricants and greases. Today, Brichem distributes products from Petro Canada (Suncor), Shell Canada, and Noco Lubricants, while also offering Monroe metalworking lubricant products.

The emphasis has always been on diversification for growing the company and thus today, Brichem is involved in the distribution of products from major North American companies and national brand oil firms for both the construction and industrial markets.

In 1995, Brichem entered into the contract warehousing business and today provides third party warehousing, order picking/packing, and shipping for various firms.

In 2000, with the company continuing to grow and the future holding a lot of promise for increased sales, the independent sales agency side of the business was split off into a separate company that operates under the name of MEH Sales Ltd.

Our Industrial Lubricants Division continues to grow, due to our service. We boast a high technical expertise and provide quality name brand products. Because the major oil companies have shifted their emphasis to larger national accounts, we have been able to successfully service those customers of small to mid-size.

Brichem’s sealant and caulking line was bolstered with the addition of the popular Dow Corning CWS silicone product, which when added to the other sealants, allow us to serve a broader customer base.

With the addition of north America’s leading UL/ULC approved firestopping systems, the STI firestopping product line has been growing over the last three years and is now starting to make a significant impact in the Ontario market.

Over the last two years, we were instrumental  in having the CSL Anti-Graffiti Coatings approved by the cities of Montreal, Barrie and Ottawa. We are also seeing more contracts awarded for the Ontario market. Because of it’s five year warranty program and fifteen year service life, our Anti-Graffiti Coating is quickly becoming the product of choice for municipalities and property management firms. Our coating outperformed eight other products when it was tested and subsequently approved by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

In early 2015 Brichem Sales was proud to be chosen by two well established sealant manufacturers (Pecora and BOSS) to be their stocking distributors in the Ontario market.  Their extensive product lines and technical experience enables Brichem to provide our customers with excellent sealant solutions.

We are pleased to have a stable and mature staff that is well trained in their respective field of expertise, with a strong emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. We pride ourselves in offering that ‘personal touch’ as we partner with firms to strengthen their position in their respective industry.