April 18, 2015

Now Distributing Pecora and BOSS Products!


Founded in 1862, Pecora Corporation® is a North American manufacturer of architectural weatherproofing products  offering a full line of silicone, urethane and latex sealants.   Pecora products are specifically formulated to provide superior quality and a wide range of sealant properties for the construction markets.  The PCS (Pecora Contractor Sealant) is the choice for most exterior weather sealing and window and door applications. Pecora also offers NST Non-Staining Technology ™ – the industry’s first complete non-staining silicone program for structural applications. 864NST, 890NST, 895NST and 898NST eliminate the possibility of damage to valuable porous substrates by fluid migration. Pecora also offers tamper resistant and pick-proof security sealants for use in applications such as prisons, schools, hospitals, municipal buildings and animal enclosures. Now introducing the Pecora XL-Perm Air, Vapor and Water Barrier System consisting of fully engineered and compatible products that work in tandem to provide complete air and vapor barrier protection for your building envelope.

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Boss Products, is a division of Soudal which is a global sealant/foam producer from Europe. Today’s construction and industrial projects demand sealants and adhesives that not only work – but excel. The BOSS® line of products meets the needs of the most demanding applications. BOSS® offers a wide variety of construction and industrial sealants and adhesives, along with polyurethane foam. BOSS® technology and quality ensure these products will perform to the highest levels, for applications in the construction, industrial, pool & spa, HVAC/R, window and door applications and manufactured housing and RV markets.