October 16, 2014

Anti-Corrosion Coatings


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3-anti-corrosion_db34a52e875c6eafa38eec055c7736d9The # 579 (low VOC rating) and # 580(Very low VOC rating) are single component, moisture cure, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) coatings that provide long-lasting protection from corrosion in above grade applications in both new and retrofit locations. Typical applications include structural steel, bridges, machinery and equipment, areas with heavy corrosion, tank exteriors, metal roofs, cladding, etc. CSL Anti-corrosion products provide superior adhesion technology which stems from the primary chemical bonds they form with the metal substrate surface. This adhesion enables both coatings to be applied without extensive surface preparation – no sandblasting or ultra-high pressure water blasting is necessary to the prep the surface to be coated. On top of these benefits, polysiloxane technology is very durable; it is resistant to UV exposure, abrasion and many chemicals giving it a long useful life, adding to the longevity of the substrate being coated.
The single coat system for the # 579 & # 580 reduces both labor costs and installation time, which in turn saves costs while providing for longer protection. Due to the independent lab testing for all ASTM specifications required and having passed (results are available upon request), both products come with a 5 year warranty. In addition, both products are available in approximately 40 + colors.
Case studies are available from the state of Texas and copies of the testing conducted and completed by the State of Florida and the Netherlands Government are also available upon request. Both the State of Florida and the Netherlands certified that the CSL material passed all of the required tests for an anti-corrosion coating and concluded from the 6 other products tested, that not one of them equaled or surpassed the CSL material.
Although no primer is needed prior to applying the # 579 or # 580, it is recommended to do a quick adhesion test prior to application. If necessary, the primer’s CSL 941 & 944 are suitable for use and will enhance adhesion on complicated surfaces.
Application temperature must be 5 degrees C or higher and applied with a mil thickness of 15 wet, which will dry to 12 mils and will fully cure in 6 hours.