October 16, 2014



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We inventory a variety of products required by our customers to make shopping easier and to save them time.


This is a growing list, but the basics include the following:

  • Pre-cut 4 pcf Roxul Safe mineral wool (2", 3", and 4") for firestop systems
    • 2"x4"x48" - 192' lineal feet/bale
    • 3"x4"x48" - 120' lineal feet/bale
    • 4"x4"x48" - 96' lineal feet/bale
  • Backer Rod…both standard and soft rod in a wide variety of diameters
  • Caulking Guns…for cartridge, quart, sausage and bulk
  • Nozzles
  • Tooling sticks
  • Solvents…for PU foams, for sealants
  • Caulking Gun Nozzles…a variety of sizes and shapes
  • Foam applicators...2 types--standard and professional
  • Caulking gun spare parts
  • OLFA knives
  • Albion (Dispensing Tools & Accessories) and Cox (Quality Sealant Applicators) provides us with the opportunity to select the most appropriate sealant/adhesive applicators to suit your project working environment.  

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