October 21, 2014


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A firestop is a fire protection system comprised of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire rated walls and/or floor assemblies.

There are tested systems using firestopping products that compartmentalize and contain fire and smoke within a building. Firestop products work within the tested system to restore the fire rating of fire-rated assemblies (walls, floors, ceilings, dynamic/static joints and partitions) by sealing small or large openings made by penetrants such as metallic and non-metallic pipes, EMT conduits, cable and cable trays, insulated pipes, HVAC ducts and electrical bus/wire ways.

Our comprehensive line of firestops come from Specified Technologies Inc (STI)(Spec Seal and EZ-Path).

STI firstopping is ranked #1, based on number of third-party tested, listed and classified firestop systems worldwide and ranked #1 selling brand of firestop in North America, to the most sophisticated installers, the Firestop Specialty Contractors. Firestop is STI’s only business and it is precisely this single-minded focus that has helped propel them to one of the top two players in the business.

They offer the broadest range of UL/ULC/FM and largest number of approved firestop systems–more than any other manufacturer and most complete line of firestop products.

Firestop Products

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SpecSeal® LCI Intumescent Sealant

  • SpecSeal® LCI Sealant is a versatile and economical intumescent product intended for firestopping a wide array of applications in small commercial or grouped residential construction and other structures with similar applications.
  • SpecSeal® LCI Sealant is available in a single grade that has excellent caulking properties as well as high build properties on vertical or overhead surfaces. This single grade may be caulked (standard cartridge or bulk loaded), knifed or troweled. In addition, SpecSeal® LCI Sealant does not contain PCB’s or asbestos.

SpecSeal® Series SIL Silicone Firestop Sealant

  • SpecSeal® Series SIL Silicone Firestop Sealant is a one-part,neutral-curing silicone sealant exhibiting superior performance in applications where sealing openings in walls and floors are needed to control the spread of fire, smoke, toxic gasses, and water during fire conditions.
  • SpecSeal® Series SIL Silicone Firestop Sealant reacts with atmospheric moisture to form a high-strength, durable seal that will adhere to most building substrates without the use of primers. SpecSeal® products do not contain asbestos or PCBs.
  • BASIC USES:SpecSeal® Series SIL Silicone Firestop Sealant is designed for use in firestop systems for through penetrations and joints. This product excels in applications where greater water resistance is required. Systems have been tested for Class 1 W Ratings per UL1479.

    SpecSeal® Series SIL Silicone Firestop Sealant is available in non-sag (SIL300) and self-leveling (SIL300SL) grades and may also be used to seal vertical and horizontal joints between metals, masonry, concrete and other common construction materials. SpecSeal® Series SIL Silicone Firestop Sealant is specially designed for use in static or dynamic joints. The low modulus characteristic minimizes strain on the substrate surface and the elastomeric quality allows excellent recovery from extension and compression cycling.

SpecSeal® AS200 Elastomeric Spray

  • SpecSeal® AS200 Elastomeric Spray is the spray-applied product of choice for firestopping construction joints or gaps of all types.
  • SpecSeal® AS200 Elastomeric Spray is a non-halogenated latex-based, highly elastomeric coating designed to provide passive smoke and fire protection in construction joints.
  • AS200 has the flexibility required for construction joints and it dries to form a flexible shield against the propagation of flames and smoke.

SpecSeal® Smoke ‘N’ Sound

  • SpecSeal® Smoke ‘N’ Sound spray is a high quality acrylic latex spray designed for static or minimally dynamic linear joints or gaps in smoke partitions.
  • SpecSeal® Smoke ‘N’ Sound spray is formulated to adhere to all common construction surfaces and may be applied using airless spray equipment or with a brush (for small applications and touch ups).

SpecSeal® Elastomeric Sealant

  • SpecSeal® Elastomeric Sealant is a non-halogenated latex-based, highly elastomeric caulk designed to provide passive smoke and fire protection in construction joints. This material is also designed to restore sound attenuation properties to sound-rated ceilings and partitions.
  • SpecSeal® Elastomeric Sealant is engineered to adhere to virtually all construction surfaces and may be applied using standard caulking equipment or by troweling. SpecSeal Elastomeric Sealant dries to form a flexible shield against the propagation of fire. Its premium latex binder system is totally resistant to water and will not re-emulsify after drying.

SpecSeal® Series SSC Collar

  •  The SpecSeal® Series SSC Collar is a factory-manufactured device designed to protect plastic pipes penetrating fire-rated walls and floors. Utilizing a heavy gauge galvanized metal collar to house a molded intumescent insert, the SpecSeal® Series SSC Firestop Collar is specifically sized to fit 1-1/2˝, 2˝, 3˝, and 4˝ (38mm, 51mm, 76mm and 102 mm) trade sized pipes.
  • When exposed to temperatures in excess of 320°F (160°C), the SpecSeal® Series SSC Collar’s molded insert begins to expand (intumesce) rapidly to form a dense, highly insulative char.
  • Its free expansion ranges from 32-64 times original (pre-expanded) volume. Expansion continues up to 1,000°F (538°C).

SpecSeal® Intumescent Wrap Strips

  • SpecSeal® Wrap Strips are highly flexible, elastomeric strips designed to firestop combustible penetrations in fire-rated floors, floor/ceilings, and walls. Convenient 12’ (3.7 m) rolls, or individually sized strips facilitate installation and minimize waste. Four grades are available to suit the product to the application.
  • These products utilize STI’s fast responding intumescent technology, providing very responsive and highly directionalized expansion. Rapid expansion provides quick closure for burning combustible penetrants.
  • When exposed to temperatures in excess of 250° F (121° C), the SpecSeal® Wrap Strip begins to expand (intumesce) rapidly to form a dense, highly insulative char. Free expansion varies according to the grade utilized (See Table A). Expansion continues up to temperatures of 1,000°F (538° C).

Other products available include Firestop Pillows, Composite Sheets and Firestop Mortar.

Please contact Brichem to discuss your Firestop requirements.