October 16, 2014

Food Grade Lubricants


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gearsThese are products designed to protect and lubricate the moving parts of machinery in manufacturing processes where incidental contact may occur between the lubricant and the food product. Mineral oil contact with the food cannot exceed 10 parts per million.  Government legislation requires food plants to use food grade lubricants in all areas of the plant where there could potentially be incidental contact. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the United States Drug Administration (USDA) can inspect a plant at any time and can shut it down and/or issue fines if a company is not using the appropriate Food Grade Lubricant.  The incremental cost to use a food grade lubricant is a small price to pay given the potential financial and image problems associated with having to recall product or shut down a manufacturing line.  For all your 21st century food processing needs, you need the right technology.  Global competition. Growing food processing health concerns.  New processing technology.  All of this contributes to your modern day challenges of minimizing costs while ensuring food meets the 21st century’s high safety standards.  Brichem helps you get the most out of your food machinery and equipment with advanced technology.