October 16, 2014

Industrial Lubricants


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Business today places heavy demands on industrial plant and machinery. We expect equipment to operate between –50 deg. C and 150 deg. C without losing production or increasing maintenance costs. Notwithstanding these extremes of temperature, machines today are operated under heavier loads, run at higher speeds, with smaller oil reservoirs and at longer lubricating intervals than ever before. Proper lubrication is vital to any operation and is determined by the “Four Rs”:

  • Right Lubricant
  • Right Amount
  • Right Place
  • Right Time

Your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) together with a Brichem Lubricants Representative can assist you in determining the “Four Rights” for your equipment or machinery. This is a big family of products somewhat distinct from the products supplied to the Automotive and Transportation Sector. PM (Plant and Maintenance) Oils fall in this category and include Hydraulic Fluids, Gear Oils, Compressor Fluids, Greases, etc. Some other sub classes are Electrical Insulating Oils, Heat Transfer Fluids, Metal Working Fluids, Food Grade Lubricants and Greases and Specialty Oils such as Vacuum Fluids, Form Compounds, etc.

Hydraulic Fluids

Selection of the right viscosity grade is the key for different applications. By choosing the right fluid for a particular application, you can improve performance and component life. Your Brichem representative can assist you with the right choice. In addition, biodegradable, non-toxic, recyclable and odourless hydraulic fluids are also available as well as hydraulic fluids that need to have fire-resistant capability.

Industrial Gear Oils

These are premium lubricants designed for industrial gear and bearing systems to increase customers’ productivity. These oils provide superior wear protection and peace of mind with long fluid life. Synthetic gear oils are also available.  Gear lubricants must meet a number of requirements which can be supplied only by specially formulated products.

Compressor Fluids

These oils are specially formulated to meet varied demands and conditions, including continuous and intermittent service. Top performing, quality fluids that will extend drain capabilities in compressors are available within the Petro-Canada family of Compressor Fluids. Proper lubrication of air compressors pays off in lower maintenance costs, more reliable compressor operation, lower power consumption and safer operation.

Metalworking Fluids

The main functions of a metal working fluid are to lubricate or reduce friction between the tool and the work piece and to act as a coolant by rapidly removing heat, generated at the tool work-piece interface. Soluble and neat cutting oils supplied by Brichem are specially formulated to provide maximum performance for a wide range of metal removing operations. Neat cutting oils are designed for use as they are received and are non-miscible in water. They have excellent lubricity and anti-wear characteristics, assist in extending tool life and produce a quality finish. These oils are usually compounded mineral oils, or contain specific amounts of extreme pressure additives (sulphur and chlorine) and/or lubricity agents. Proper lubrication reduces friction, and as a result:

  • less coolant is required to absorb heat
  • less cutting energy is required
  • tool wear is reduced
  • improved surface finishes are obtained

Electrical Insulating Oils

High-efficiency electrical insulating fluids are ideal for use in large transformers operating at peak capacity as well as free- breathing units, for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

Heat Transfer Fluids

Petro-Canada Calfo is a line of specialty heat transfer fluids produced from Petro-Canada’s 99.9% pure base oils and patented additive technology.  In addition to heat transfer fluids, Brichem offers two additional products for the servicing of heat transfer systems: Petro-Canada Cleaning Fluid for Heat Transfer Systems; and Petro-Canada Flushing Fluid, which is a product that has wide-based use for flushing dirty oil systems in addition to heat transfer. Shell Thermia C is recommended for use in indirect fired heat transfer systems.

Concrete Form Oils

These oils are formulated to provide an excellent stain-free finish on concrete and clean, quick release characteristics for plywood, metal, fibreglass and plastic forms. These products afford excellent rust protection to metal forms and are compatible with all caulking compounds.  A variety of Form Oils are available in both the Petro-Canada and Shell brands in different viscosity grades to suit different applications.  Some of these products may also be used for rust protection of machinery and as penetrating oils on nuts and bolts.